Writers write. Authors finish their shit #MondayBlogs

2 thoughts on “Writers write. Authors finish their shit #MondayBlogs”

  1. Pretty much sums it up. People think they’re so special and their circumstance is so unique and, you know what, it’s not. It’s a STRUGGLE, and as you said, the difference between authors and everyone else is pushing past the excuses and finishing it.

    I’m the first to admit that I haven’t written a word this month. I did 200k last month, and I have 20k more to do to finish the last story I started. I’ve spent all month editing two other pieces. Pieces that I previously finished. Pieces that won’t be fully finished until I edit them and send them out to my CP and edit them again. That’s part of finishing it too. And it’s tedious, and time consuming, and there are days that I want to cry or tear my hair out or pluck out my eyeballs because they’re so tired of staring at the screen or paper or whatever.

    And I have a day job and hubby and sick mother-in-law and all that, and the work still gets done. Why? Because it needs to. Because I need to finish it. And now that I’m done procrastinating by responding, I’m going to go back to work :D.

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    1. Yes and yes. I am in that editing/revision circle of hell right now and it’s no where near over. There is so much more to publishing than making words and if people can’t finish that portion of the process I don’t have much sympathy for them.


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