First draft of Everything She Never Wanted is done!

I don’t type the words THE END when I finish my manuscripts but this is the one time I would’ve made an exception. I’ve never been so happy to finish writing anything in my life—

That’s a lie. I felt the same way at the completion of In Her Closet. 

I guess I just have a hard time with endings. Which is crazy because I wrote this ending last year. I always, always write the ending first because getting to the end is so much easier when you know where you’re going. At least that’s how I feel. It’s not really a straight line. Sometimes I take that left turn when I should’ve gone right and I have to double back to find my way again, but the ending is always there in sight so that makes it easier for me. 

Okay, enough driving analogies. 

I’m just so happy to have reached the end and I’m excited to revise this into a shiny new book! 



Published by tashalharrison

Hi! I’m Tasha L. Harrison and I am a romance and erotica author, freelance editor, and a creative entrepreneur dedicated to helping new and aspiring wordmakers become authors.

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