Getting Proustian With…JASON REYNOLDS – The Interview Series

These books sound amazing! I’m going to add them to my #AOCRead2015 challenge!



How cool is Jason Reynolds?

One of the coolest.

For starters, the bio on his blog tells it like it is: he does NOT plan to write boring books. And ummm, he’s pretty much living up to that credo, delivering on that promise with When I Was The Greatest, for which he received the Coretta Scott King Award for New Talent, and 2015’s The Boy In The Black Suit.

I’m currently reading The Boy in the Black Suit and it’s the business. Grab it and meet Matt and Lovey. Now.

when-i-was-the-greatest-jason-reynolds     boy-in-the-black-suit-9781442459502_hr

Jason is smart and funny and seems like the kind of guy you want to grab a drink with sometime, chill out, and shoot the shit. Even Beyonce loves him – she featured him on for Black History Month, providing him a massive platform from which to put forth a heartfelt and important message.


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