Opening Act: A review @Suleikasynder #AOCReads2015 #WeNeedDiverseRomance


I’m pretty ashamed of myself, you guys. As much as I chat back and forth with Suleikha Snyder on twitter about diversity and various other hot button issues, I’ve never read anything she’s written. I’ve come to realize that about a lot of the wonderful romance writer’s I interact with on nearly a daily basis and honestly, that’s just sad. Once again, I’m glad to have taken on this #AOCReads2015 challenge. I’m discovering the wonderful writing of some of my peers.

Opening Act…


…so many feels.

Opening Act is a friends to lovers story (one of my favorite tropes, btw) and gah, it hit all those yummy sweet spots; angst, longing, frustration, hot, cluelessly-in-love hero, and steamy first encounter. With her main character Saroj Shah, Snyder crafts a character that is so wonderfully familiar. Who hasn’t been that girl who was inexplicably hung up on a guy that she should have gotten over long ago? I also loved the way that her culture played a role in why Adam never asked her out. I thought it was a very real explanation and I wonder how often culture keeps people apart who should so obviously be together. I also found out from Snyder that she’s writing a book for Johnny Ray and I cannot WAIT to read it! I have to admit…I kinda hoped some threesome action would happen, but you know, my brain is wired wrong (LOL).

Opening Act has all the qualities of a breakout romance. I really have a hard time understanding why Suleikha Snyder isn’t a thing. This was a beautifully crafted multicultural romance and I can’t wait to read more books by Snyder.



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