Radio Silence by @AlyssaColeLit #AOCReads2015 #WOCRomance #WeNeedDiverseRomance

9781426899638-covPost-grad student Arden Highmore and her friend John Seong are thrust into the frozen wilds of Upstate New York after what can only be explained as an apocalypse, heading for her roommate’s family cabin near the Canadian border. A few miles from their destination they are attacked by scavengers. John is seriously injured and Arden is rescued by his ridiculously handsome brother, Gabriel—a control freak of a doctor with a hero complex. Gabriel and Arden are immediately at odds on what is best for group and clash at every turn. But when he reveals that his parents are missing and later his teen sister, they agree to work together to find them.

Fans of The Walking Dead that are dying for Rick and Michonne to fall for each other will love this post-apocalyptic romance. While this an insta-love romance, the pairing of the quick-witted, relatable Arden and duty bound, alpha hero Daniel makes for some intense moments and hot moments. Tightly written action and mystery combine to make this first installment of Alyssa Cole’s Off The Grid series a compulsive read.



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