#TheFitTrilogy by Rebekah Weatherspoon @rebekahwsm #AOCreads2015 #WOCRomance #WeNeedDiverseRomance

Dommy personal trainers? Subbie clients that need to be whipped in to shape? Yes, please!

Let’s start with FIT.

In FIT we meet Violet Ryan who is a producer on The Food Channel after she recently wrapped a BBQ competition that has put some extra padding in places she felt she didn’t need any. After a particularly brutal group exercise class where she was certain that she was going to lose her life (or at least her lunch) and most of her pride, the instructor offers to pass her info to another trainer with a softer touch, Grant Gibson

Part owner of one of LA’s hottest private gyms and a personal trainer who prided himself in providing a stress-free weight loss regiment for his clients, Grant Gibson finds himself in a rut. Coming off of a volatile relationship he has exactly zero interest in getting involved in another one until Violet pings his Dommy radar.

These two were adorable together. Violet was the perfect mix of curious, snarky and sexy while Grant was the perfect counterbalance of sweetness and patience.
Next up is TAMED.

Interior designer Nailah Shalaby is ambitious and family focused. With no time to date, she has the perfect arrangement with her current personal trainer and sex buddy. But when he is exposed in a very public and scandalous affair, she appeases her overprotective father by switching to a trainer that met his approval–Armando Vasquez.

Always the professional, Armando Vasquez knew there was going to be a bit of drama when he agreed to take on the daughter of an acquaintance as a new client. Ignoring her glacial attitude he sets about the task of getting her into the best shape of her life.

Workouts are going smoothly until Nailah, through a little facebook stalking, discovers Armando’s sexually dominant side and insists that he ushers her into the lifestyle.

What I enjoyed most about this novella was Nailah sexually adventurous nature. She wasn’t a shy and apprehensive woman learning to submit. She was a headstrong woman who eagerly gave her submission to Armando. And Armando…rawr. My only complaint is that I would’ve liked to read a bit more about these two.

And lastly, SATED.

Keira Kenney, personal trainer, lover of comics and science fiction and habitual first dater is just looking for her own happy ending, but fears her interests make it impossible.

Daniel Song isn’t looking to get in a relationship. His life is perfectly ordered between doing what he loves during the day as a pyrotechnics expert and the kinky activities that give him what his body craves. Single life suits him just fine until he has an impromptu date at a local Sci-Fi convention with Keira. But the two have an instant attraction that they both assume is doomed because of her disinterest in kink.

This was my favorite of this trio of novellas. Keira was a dork but still adorably sexy and Daniel played the perfect switch for her.

I highly recommend The FIT TRILOGY and you can grab the whole series for under three dollars!


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