#SampleSunday The Shame in You #WOCRomance #WeNeedDiverseBooks

You may have heard me whining about how I’m struggling to finish writing the last few chapters of Having it Both Ways…and if you haven’t, now you have.

Anyway, while you’re waiting for that tasty gem to be published you can read this Elijah and Yves spanking short The Shame In You. 

Here’s a little something to whet your appetite.

Y&ESpanking02“I’m surprised your sister didn’t ask the most obvious question,” he said with a sly smile.
“What’s that?”
“Why do I like it?
Well, hell. I’d never really considered it myself. “Why do you like it?”
His sly smile turned wicked and his hand drifted down to my ass. “Sometimes I like to handle you that way. Knowing you’re mine and that you’ll let me do what I want with your body is kind of…empowering.” He massaged the back of my neck and I melted into him even more. “Sometimes you need it. You get so overwhelmed and exhausted that you can’t function and you need me to take control. I love being able to do that for you. I love knowing I can give you a bit of clarity. Sometimes I do it because I know you’re afraid to be vulnerable. You can’t let yourself feel things because you’re afraid of them so you need me to beat it out of you.” He said the last part with a playful, dark chuckle. “And then sometimes…you just fucking deserve it.”
Available for #99cents at Amazon and is just long enough for a tiny afternoon distraction.
Enjoy your Sunday!

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