Help me get my shit all the way together, friends.

I’m courting the idea of getting
a day planner. I’ve attempted to do this digitally with different apps, but have never been successful. I think it will help me to have a physical calendar and a routine for making sure things get done and track my progress. 
From what I’ve gleaned so far, it’s important to have an idea of how exactly you’re going to use the day planner before you use it so I’m going to list the things I want to track and see if this is something I need. 
Family meal planning


Food tracker

Fit diary (steps per day, workouts done etc. also need a new Fitbit for this).

Water intake

Morning pages (making sure I write them every morning).

Daily wordcount

Author blog posts

Editor blog posts

RT book reviews

AOC Reviews


Book deadlines

Future projects
WOW! That’s quite a lot of things I’ve been trying to keep straight! I mean, my brain is impressive, but I don’t think anyone has enough space in their head for all that. 
So now comes the real question…what sort of planner should I buy? I don’t want a moleskine type of planner. I’ve had those before, but have only been able to use with little success. Want an actual day planner. 
OH! And it needs to have space for my iPad mini because I use that for journaling, reading and most of my small tasks. 
So…any suggestions? Are there any other writers out the who have #filofax lust? 

3 Replies to “Help me get my shit all the way together, friends.”

  1. Have you looked at Passion Planner?
    You’d be able to fit most of what you list above. I know that last year, along with the bound ones available for purchase, there was also a link to print it out for free (which is what I did).
    For food tracking, fit diary & water intake, why not just use the Fitbit app? You can schedule meals & workouts in the planner but actually record them in the app.
    I’m interested in seeing what you come up with.
    Robin (aka @simply__robin)


    1. I have seen the passion planner and they are definitely on my list!!And you’re right about the Fitbit app. I track water on there but little else besides steps. I just want to plan my workouts and meals ahead of time so that’s why I thought it would be better to write these things out.

      Also, hubs and I were discussing the Fitbit watch or charge hr and basically I’m back at the same issue that I had with the flex. The bands suck. I wore my flex 24-7 (like you’re supposed to) and it felt like I was always replacing them. Now it just won’t hold a charge and this is the third one I’ve had. I love the Fitbit concept but I’m not crazy about the quality of the product.

      Ugh. So many decisions!


      1. I had the Force from when it came out until the Charge HR. It was only in the last 6 months or so of having it that I had band issues. No other issues with it at all. So at least a couple of years with no issues. I got the Charge HR this year & so far no problems. I do prefer the bands over the clip ons.
        I use the app to log walks, record yoga & other exercise/activities, food intake, water, and let it automatically keep track of steps, stairs, sleep, etc. I’ve been happy with it.


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