Help me get my shit all the way together, friends.

3 thoughts on “Help me get my shit all the way together, friends.”

  1. Have you looked at Passion Planner?
    You’d be able to fit most of what you list above. I know that last year, along with the bound ones available for purchase, there was also a link to print it out for free (which is what I did).
    For food tracking, fit diary & water intake, why not just use the Fitbit app? You can schedule meals & workouts in the planner but actually record them in the app.
    I’m interested in seeing what you come up with.
    Robin (aka @simply__robin)


    1. I have seen the passion planner and they are definitely on my list!!And you’re right about the Fitbit app. I track water on there but little else besides steps. I just want to plan my workouts and meals ahead of time so that’s why I thought it would be better to write these things out.

      Also, hubs and I were discussing the Fitbit watch or charge hr and basically I’m back at the same issue that I had with the flex. The bands suck. I wore my flex 24-7 (like you’re supposed to) and it felt like I was always replacing them. Now it just won’t hold a charge and this is the third one I’ve had. I love the Fitbit concept but I’m not crazy about the quality of the product.

      Ugh. So many decisions!


      1. I had the Force from when it came out until the Charge HR. It was only in the last 6 months or so of having it that I had band issues. No other issues with it at all. So at least a couple of years with no issues. I got the Charge HR this year & so far no problems. I do prefer the bands over the clip ons.
        I use the app to log walks, record yoga & other exercise/activities, food intake, water, and let it automatically keep track of steps, stairs, sleep, etc. I’ve been happy with it.


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