Mine Tonight by @beingmrsjones #AOCRomance #WOCRomance #WeNeedDiverseRomance 

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I’ve been reading a lot lately and I ain’t gonna lie, not all of it has been pleasurable. So when I finished the books I *had* to read, I wanted to dive into something good and also filthy. Good and filthy. I haven’t read any of Christina C. Jones’s work yet but I figured that Mine Tonight would be a good taste of what she had to offer.


Mine Tonight is a book of three shortish stories centered around a hotel opening for the Drake family. The hotel is the setting that connects all three stories.

The first couple, Dex and Nash, is the story of a younger sister (Nash) who fell in love with the best friend of her twin brothers. Dex has always kept his distance out of respect for his friends, but now that he has been hired on as security, Nashira decides to test his loyalty and dedication to his job–guarding her body. And when I say test I mean tease the man within an inch of his life until he gives in.

Braxton and Eden are up next with a twist on a blackmail story that I’ve never read before. Eden has every intention on seducing, drugging and getting some dirt on Braxton Drake by copying some incriminating files from his computer. What she doesn’t plan on is getting dickmatized in the process. This hot little short features a scene that involves a kitchen countertop that made me shut off my kindle and bookmark that page for a more opportune time to read if you know what I mean. These two had a surprising, but sweet outcome considering that the story began with deception, a roofie, and blackmail.
The last story…heh. The last story in this collection of shorts is definitely my favorite. Willow is Eden’s best friend and the computer mastermind behind her revenge plot for Braxton. She is also a woman who willingly admits that she is curious, a little kinky and maybe more than a little crazy (you see why her like her don’t you?) After spending an evening with a man at one of those clubs you need a password and a mask to enter, she is unknowingly dickmatized by the other Drake twin, Lincoln, whom she recognizes on CCTV after catching a glimpse of his dun-da-dun. Yes, you read that right. The man wore a mask, but his dick made such an impression on her that she recognized it immediately!

I want more of these characters!!! Thank you, Christina, for pulling me out of my reading slump. 🙂



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