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I’ve finished what I call the 1st draft of Having It Both Ways about two weeks ago and I thought I might do a tiny cover reveal for it. I’ve been reluctant to do so because, as awesome as it is, I know that when I finish A Soft Place to Fall, Book four The Lust Diaries will be completely repackaged but that is still another three or four months away since I’m still working in the plotting stage.

So here she is:
Add to your bookshelf!

Finishing HBW has been weird. I find myself getting antsy to wrap this thing up because the end is so fucking close. I mean, that’s crazy. This series is almost done, you guys. I wrote the first draft of In Her Closet in November of 2010. Finishing was a big deal to me then. It was an accomplishment in and of itself. Now here I am, five years later with three completed novels and several short stories published. I did it. I FUCKING DID THAT. I need to stop glossing over these achievements and give them their due.

Here are a few things I learned while writing Having It Both Ways:

1. I’ve finally begun to implement my process in all of its super-detailed amazing-ness. I’m feeling really good about the amount of time it took me to plot and write this novel and it makes me hopeful for future novels.

2. That I can and will finish writing this story. When I decided to make this a series, I wasn’t entirely sure I could finish it. I knew nothing about writing a series. I still feel like a newb, but I’m not nearly as anxious or apprehensive as I was at the start.

3. My eagerness to rid myself of these characters has dissipated. I will be sad to be done with them. I’m pretty sure it won’t be goodbye forever, but there will be no more full-length novels centered on Yves and Elijah. A few of the secondary characters will get their own stories but no more filthy novels featuring this dirty editor and his sexy memoirist. Their story will be done.

This is a weird feeling. Like pride and melancholy all bundled into one.

But no worries! I have tons of ideas for future projects and I’m looking forward to exploring new characters and their personalities and their filthy stories.

In the next few months I will be hosting a read along on Facebook to get you guys ready for the release of Having it Both Ways. Make sure you like me there to know when it goes down! Until then…



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