See…what had happened was… #MondayBlogs #amwriting

Hey, guys! Hey! Howya doin’? What’s up? How’s it goin’?

Yeah, so a thing happened on Friday…

As you know (or may not know), last month I start this thing I like to call #FreeFilth: free shortish stories written in The Lust Diaries world. You see, I was having a lot of creative issues getting to the meat of book 4, and I thought that writing these free one-offs was the answer. Which they were in a way, but I discovered something else about these stories…they’re not really one-offs. They’re all connected and somehow…I ended up serializing the last book of The Lust Diaries.

Okay, I can’t say all of them. What Kind of Man is probably the only standalone-ish story out of the ones I’ve plotted and planned. But the experiences in that story do get mentioned in story #2 so…is it really? You’d have to read that to know what happened between Yves, Elijah, and Julian; an experience that I reference in Story#2.

So yeah, we just circled back around to start. These stories aren’t standalones. This is a serial. I accept that, and I HOPE your heart is still open to devour these bits of free filth.

Recapping: Book 4: A Soft Place to Fall will tie in heavily with the #FreeFilth. Subscribers get their monthly dose first by signing up. I’m still working through how this will work going forward, but for now, these stories are free and will be listed here in order of “publication” (because pubbing on my website is pubbing all the same).

So yeah, I’m sorry you guys. This is not what I intended to happen, but we can agree that it is a happy accident, yes?

Until then…

Happy Reading!









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