On hobbies and journaling and the making of words #amwriting #alwaysbewriting #artjournaling

So I read this blog post by Roni Loren today and it really got me thinking about this desire I still have to create something physical. For years now I’ve pushed that feeling down, certain that I should be focusing all of my creative energy into writing because that is where I was trying to build a career. But Roni is most certainly right when she says these little creative hobbies are lifelines that keep the crazy away.

When I first started writing, I would create these expansive art journals where I would sketch out my characters both literally and physically.

Dissect them with the same type of character studies that I employ now.

I submitted a few sketches to Alison Tyler that have mysteriously disappeared, but while I was ruminating over that, I realized that is something that is missing from my process.

Also, there is another layer of deliberateness, a focusing of intention, that makes it so pleasing to me. It’s a time to sink down into the world and characters I created and make it “pretty” or just a space to relax and play that still doesn’t take me far from writing at all.

So I’m not going to fight the feeling anymore.

And it totally plays into my motto for the year: I AM THE MAGIC. I make shit happen and however I get from zero to amazing is my path and my journey to awesomeness. So you may or may not see more posts of me doing my art journaling thing. I’m thinking probably yes, so stay tuned. *wink*
Thank you, Roni for helping me rediscover this in your post!

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  1. I came to a similar realization when I read Lynda Barry’s book on drawing. She asks the question “when did the paper stop being a place to play and instead become a thing to produce? When did scribble go from being motion to being things, judged for their worthiness? And why?” I’m paraphrasing badly, but the idea is: not everything has to be productive. I’d recommend the book! And cheers to your art journaling, me, too!

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