It’s not you. It’s the Universe. #MondayBlogs #MondayMotivation #amwriting

In classic Monday morning fashion, I woke up and immediately set to setting my goals for the week. With my happy planner and coffee in hand, I sat on my deck, morning sun on my face and shoulders, and proceeded to procrastinate the task at hand for going on…*looks at watch* two hours now.

What the entire fuck?

This is how every morning for the past nine or so weeks has begun. The simple task of planning is too difficult for me. Sitting down to write is too difficult for me. Tracking my exercise and keeping my food diary up to date is too goddamn difficult for me. Basically, I just want to sit in one spot with a cocktail in hand and let the sun crisp me up to a nice golden brown because what else is summer for but day drinking and daydreaming?

But then I woke up to this post on IG from Amy Kuretsky (one of the boss ass babes I met at Being Boss Miami) and it made me feel much better than it should have.

Now hold on because this is going to get a bit woo-woo:

“We all know that consistency is key, but have any of you been feeling the struggle to stay consistent lately? Me too! Turns out that Saturn has been in retrograde since late March and that influenced our ability to stay disciplined and structured!

Saturn’s retrograde ends mid-August, luckily. So we just gotta hold on a few more weeks.

It’s not you. It’s the universe.”



To someone who’s not into this woo-woo shit this probably sounds like an excuse to slack off.

“I’m sorry. I can’t this month because Saturn is in retrograde and I just can’t focus on that right now…”

These might be words I will actually say  between now and August 13th. Don’t judge me.

But for really, real, it doesn’t give me an excuse to slack off. It does, however, give me permission to quit beating myself up about it.

Because it’s not me. It’s the universe.


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