#SampleSunday: “Wait…what happened after the nap again?”

Happy Sunday-Funday, gentle readers!

I’m finally falling back into finishing Not So Soft. Gah, not really sure why I struggled with it so much, but it feels good to shake the rust off. Here’s a steamy little sample of this week’s installment!

Happy reading!


“So what did you get into today?” he asked shifting gears.

“I napped, masturbated, ate some Pho and drank a few Bloody Marys with Ava,” she said with a smirk.

“Wait…what happened after the nap again?”

“Masturbation,” she repeated.

A smile twitched at the corners of Elijah’s lips as he thought of her making herself come in his bed. “So while I was out trudging the streets trying to find a workspace for this publishing company you were in my bed—”

“With my hand between my legs while I watched that video of you fucking me in the alley.”

“The video that guy sent you from last night?”

She nodded.

“Hmm. Let’s see this video again.”

Yves reached for her phone eagerly and cued up the video. Elijah moved to sit beside her. She curled against him, and he put his arm around her, drawing her even closer.

When he watched the video earlier, it was only to examine it to make sure their faces couldn’t be seen. Now he paid attention to the exchange between them—but more importantly, her responses to what she was seeing. The way her breath caught when he swatted her bottom. The soft moan she made when they kissed.

“And this is my favorite part,” she whispered secretively as she paused the video at the moment he grabbed his dick, aiming for the apex of her spread thighs. “Watch my face.”

The face she made the moment he slid inside of her was very familiar to him. It was one of his favorites. The way her brows knit together and her mouth went slack with wonder and pleasure at the feeling of their bodies joining. Yves uttered a soft little grunt, drawing Elijah’s attention to her. Her tongue dragged along her top lip, and her breath quickened. Watching the video was not nearly as arousing as watching her reaction to it.

He curled a finger under her chin, tipping her face upward so that he could get a taste of her mouth. The phone hit the couch between them with a thump as she grabbed a fistful of his shirt to pull him closer. Elijah stood slowly, lifting her into his arms to carry her to his bedroom.

Read Not So Soft from the beginning…

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