Tarot and the Art of Storytelling #WriterWednesday #amwriting

So, I want to talk about that writing prompt I did yesterday in my #WriteTheStory journal from #Piccadilly and what better place to do it than here!

I’ve been reading #TarotforWriters for a few weeks now and trying to find new ways to include #tarotreading in my #writing process. I’ve been using it in a less organized way–mostly just asking questions about my characters and plot–but I wanted to see what would happen if I used it from the very beginning to help create the characters and the plot. Then, on a whim, I decided to add this #writingprompt journal to the mix and created a sort of writing exercise that was pretty damn successful.

What I wrote in the journal yesterday was basically a character sketch. In hindsight, I should’ve snapped some pics to share with you guys, but here’s what I discovered about her:

  • She’s a widow in her late 30’s who’s husband, with whom she was happily married, passed away suddenly. He’s been gone for about a year and a half.
  • She has a preteen son
  • She’s on vacation in NOLA for Mardi Gras on a buck list trip she and her husband had planned for their anniversary.

Today I did a reading to discover her goals and motivations, what’s at stake, and her internal conflict. Here’s what these cards tell me about my character:

Nine of Coins

Goals and motivations: My heroine is hoping that this trip will help her begin to let go of her grief. Nine of wands is that final push, that last effort when you the task is hardest, but you’re certain about success. Each new challenge brings wisdom, but it also takes a toll. She’s been missing her husband deeply, and as far as she is concerned, she’s barely surviving, but this trip will give her the time savor her achievements, replenish her energy, and consider what she’s learned. So it’s been hard, but now, when she’s celebrating her first anniversary without him, she’s discovering that she is strong and capable.

The Sun

Stakes: The Sun is pure joy and happiness. This is what is missing from my heroine’s life, and this is what she’s seeking. While she is on this trip, she has to make time for herself to relax and make room for wonder, curiosity, and appreciation. If she does this, she will come away with “a deep knowing that all is well.”

Four of Swords

Internal conflict: This is what is standing between my heroine and her goal. Four of Swords is a quiet space. My heroine’s mind has not been quiet since her husband’s passing. She worries about everything from paying the bills to raising their son on her own. If she can’t find that quiet, she won’t find the happiness that The Sun promises.


This was the easiest GMC I’ve ever done. These #tarotcards and #TarotforWriters is easily the best writing tool I’ve ever found. I’m stupid excited about this.

If you’re interested in trying this out for yourself here are the tools that I used:

Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner

Write the Story Journal from Piccadilly

Fountain Tarot (still my go-to deck)

If you guys are interested in seeing this process develop, let me know, and I’ll definitely post more. Until then, get more frequent updates from my Instagram.











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