Improving my Rep, a dirty Chekov’s Gun and other things I did this week: Feb. 20-26

Hey! Hi! Hello!

This was a busy week of good and amazing things!

I started off the week by announcing my Brower Literary & Management contract! Still super excited about the doors this will open for me and my writing career! img_2772-1

Fellow purveyor or filth who is also represented by Brower Lit, Madhuri Pavamani revealed the covers of books 1 & 2 of The Keeper series, DUTCH and JUMA

 img_2815-1  img_2887

On Thursday I met up with the Greenville Bloggers Union to talk about SEO and I met B. Fel, also known as CurlyScibe, a fellow romance author! img_2861

So awesome to find more romance writers here in Greenville and build some sense of community! Spending this Sunday morning with Winter Wonderland, her collection of short stories.

Also on Thursday, I was featured on Caroline Donahue’s Secret Library Podcast where I talked about what makes a good sex scene and gave you all a dirty version of Chekov’s Gun. If you’re able to endure an hour of my filthy ramblings, go give it a listen.

That about sums it up! I have a few things in store for you guys next week, including another post about Tarot and The Art of Storytelling.

Until then…







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