Sample Sunday: The Rose & The Thorn

He led her down the stairs, but instead of talking her toward the well lit pedestrian bridge, he directed his steps toward the darker end of the park at the bottom of the waterfall. Down a path that connected it to another city park, all of them part of a trail that stretched from the center of the city out to to the mountains. They strolled in comfortable silence; holding hands and sharing licks of the ice cream cone. Soon they found themselves in a remote place between the two parks. Finally feeling a bit tired from all the walking, Estelle sat on a stone wall to rest her feet. Deacon finished the last of the cone and dropped it in a nearby trashcan. He made his way back to her, licking the sticky remains off of his fingers.

“Eww. Don’t lick your fingers! Here.” Estelle dug out a pack of antibacterial wipes out of her bag, yanked one out, and proceeded to clean his hands.

A wicked smile spread across his face as she fussed over his dirty hands.

“What?” Estelle asked.

“Do you remember that time your roommate got the flu in college?” he asked.


“Dark skin? Always had those impeccable box braids?”

Estelle smiled. “Yeah. That was Monet.”

“Anyway, do you remember that time she got the flu and didn’t leave your room for a week?”

She nodded. “Which meant our time together was limited too because lord knows I wasn’t going back to your room.”

Deacon chuckled and shook his head. “It wasn’t that bad.”

“It smelled like ass, dirty socks, corn chips, and old beef jerky in there.”

“That is…very specific.”

“And hard to forget. Stepping into that room triggered my gag reflex.”

“So bougie…” he said shaking his head in faux disdain.

“Whatever. I wasn’t about to risk contracting some flesh eating staph disease from being in there.”

“Are you done? You gonna let me finish?”

“Go ahead. Finish your story,” she said.

“So we went almost eleven days without fucking when she had that

flu. I showed up at your dorm room real late one night, remember? Remember we took that walk?” He put his hands on her thighs and inched up the hem of her dress to reveal her bare knees.

Estelle parted her legs so that he could wedge himself between them and draped her arms over his shoulders. “The one that ended in some remote part of campus that I’d never been to? And you sat me on a stone wall kinda like this?”

“I did.”

“And then you kissed me and somehow convinced me to have sex in the out of doors.”

“I did that, too.”

Deacon slid his hands under her dress and up her bare thighs. Her skin pebbled under his touch.

“Not being able to make love to you for a week felt like agony back then.”

“So what changed? Why doesn’t it feel like agony now?”

Thanks for reading and happy Sunday!


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