New Editing Price Points!

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My goal in this final quarter of 2018 is to work with as many romance & erotica authors as possible.

For me, that means sharing what I know about the craft of #writing in things like The Basic Character Creation Workbook & #editing as many projects as I can at price points that don’t break the bank!

The new flat copyedit rate for novellas between 15k to 50k words long is $299 and $199 for the full detailed critique.

YES, I offer sample edits.

The easiest way to decide if we will have a good working relationship is to do a sample edit. Send me your first 5 pages and I’ll give you a rate quote for your manuscript.

What do I edit?

Contemporary romance, erotica, erotic romance, romantic suspense, paranormal and paranormal romance and light sci-fi with romantic elements. If you have some filthy fiction that needs a critical eye, I’m your gal.

I will edit any manuscript 15,000 words and up. I do not edit short stories, but I do edit short story anthologies with a total word count that falls within that range. I also offer split payment plans! Drop me a line so that we can talk about making your manuscript ready for publication!

Until then…
Happy writing!


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