Thursday Thoughts: #NaNoPlotMo, Going Wide, and updates on The Way Things Are!

NaNoPlotMo is in full swing and I have plotted two and (a possible) novels!

Honestly… I don’t know why I didn’t set aside time just to plot my best story ideas a long time ago. Maybe I was still holding onto some fear of removing the ”magic” by plotting so far ahead, but now I feel like I’ve gone one step beyond ideation to incubating fully formed ideas. It’s like I’ve gone through the painful part of harvesting my eggs and now I’ve got a few precious story embryos on ice, waiting to be planted in my brain goo when the time is right. Lemme stop before I get too carried away with that metaphor.


Writing in reverse is really working for me!

A few weeks ago I had a writing chat with Caroline Donahue on her podcast, The Secret Library about hacking #NaNoWriMo. During that episode, we talked about this half-baked plan I had for the month that would start the end and write my way back to the midpoint of The Way Things Are, The Truth Duet: Book Two. Well… It worked! I’ve made so much progress on this novel that I’m fairly certain it will be published before the end of the year. (SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE!) I also had an unexpected writing opportunity come up that is really giving me a chance to really put this writing method to work! I’ve already started writing my “What I learned from #NaNoPlotMo 2018” post and I can’t wait to share that information with you guys.

In other news..

All of my books from The Undoing of Langston Black to The Truth of Things are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited but that’s going to change at the end of the month! I’m pulling all of them out and publishing them wide so if you’re a KU reader, you might want to grab your copy now! 

About The Way Things Are…

It now has a page and an excerpt. My subscribers have already read this but this seems like a good time to share it with all of you as well. I’m still 100% in love with #aguynamedLevi, but I’m also putting him through some shit. He’s going to deserve every second of his happily ever after. Go give the first chapter a read and get to know #aguynamedLevi just a little bit better.

The 4 Basic Story Building Blocks series is done.

I’m trying to decide what to dive into next. I could, of course, dive a bit deeper into characterization, but if there is something you’d want to read or learn from me, lemme know in the comments!

Happy writing and reading!


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