Does your book need a jumpstart?


#50for50 is a deep critique and structural edit of the first fifty pages to help romance and erotica authors jumpstart a new project or breath life into a stagnant one. It’s also a way is a way to get the kind of deep, detailed critique that I give to all of my author-friends without the big commitment.

In the #50for150 you will get:

• detailed notes on overall readability, including an emphasis on genre expectations.

• in-depth, character dissection using archetypes and GMC (goal, motivation, conflict), dialogue, and cultural sensitivity.

• detailed three-act plot structure to determine your story arc based on the 50 pages you shared with me.

Why the first 50 pages?

The first 50 pages are usually the first act which contains the hook, character introduction, grounds the reader in the world that you have created, and it also hints at the central conflict. In short, the hook pulls your reader in, but if you can’t make them give a fuck in those first 50 pages, they will close the book!