A Slant of Light,The Lust Diaries:A Short Story


“Be careful of that one. I hear she’s some sort of maneater.”

When Julian Webster lands his first big group showing at an exclusive gallery in Philadelphia’s Old City, he is hardly ready to deal with the attention focused on him. Particularly from a pint-sized, so called maneater by the name of Yves Santiago.

Women are his weakness…a weakness he has chosen to avoid to focus on his career, but Yves is a force of nature that demands to be acknowledged.

(Prequel story for In Her Closet, The Lust Diaries: Book One. How Julian and Yves meet.)

One a.m. found them in the center of his bed. Cold pizza and cold beer and Yves, tousled, free of make-up and tangled in his sheets consuming both. Lamplight caught and highlighted the golden tones of her skin and the flecks of gold in her hazel eyes. She looked lovely and well fucked. He felt a swell of pride at the latter.

“So,” she said, tossing her pizza crust into the empty box. “Tell me lick’il somethin’ ‘bout yaself.”

He smiled. “Is that ya impression of me? Ya mocking my accent?”

“Yes. Very badly. It’s much sexier on you. But seriously, how am I here? Where is your lady? How is somebody as pretty as you single?”

“Handsome,” he corrected.

“Excuse me?”

“That’s the second time ya called me pretty. I think ya mean handsome.”

She sat up and looked him over again. “That perfectly formed mouth. Those bedroom eyes with those long, dark lashes. Those fucking dimples. Nah, I meant pretty. You’re as pretty as a girl, Julian Webster,” she said with a grin.

Julian frowned. It was his own shit, and he knew she meant no offense, but being labeled pretty or anything else effeminate made him uncomfortable. Yves leaned in and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

“You’re very manly in all the important ways,” she said softly as if she could sense his discomfort.

“Am I now?”

“Very much, yes.” She reached between his legs to fondle his already hardening dick. How could he be ready to go again? “But that doesn’t answer my question.”

Yves took her hand away, and his whole body mourned the loss. “What was the question again?”

“Why haven’t you been mentioned alongside some gorgeous model? Some local music celebrity?”

“How do ya know that I’m not?”

“I did my homework. There is no lady in your life. And since I have a firm confirmation that you aren’t gay—”

“Do ya now?” he asked with a lift of his brow.

“Well…” She reached between his legs again and drew her hand up his length, whisper soft. “This lovely cock of yours seems to be a pretty good indicator.” She gave him more kisses, and he reveled in them. Reveled in her assertive, sexy nature and the fact that he was on the receiving end. “Why aren’t you in love?” she asked.

“I might be fallin’ right now.”

“Flattery is a weak diversion tactic.” She backed away and frowned, silently asking the question again.

“I love beautiful women, but they’re a double-edged sword.”

“Why a double-edged sword?”

“‘They interfere with my work.”


“They say I’m…intense. When I’m with a woman, I’m totally into her, ya know. My work hits the back burner, and my focus becomes her.” Julian laid back in his sheets, stared at the ceiling. “It makes me vulnerable,” he admitted, but not without some reluctance.

She leaned over him and spread her hand wide in the middle of his chest. “Did someone take advantage of you?”

He nodded. “Is that gonna make it into ya article?”

“Absolutely not.” She traced one of his nipples with the very tip of her finger. “So how did I end up here?”

“I already told ya. I love beautiful women.”

“Again with the flattery…I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to have all of your considerable talents focused on one person.”

“C’mon. Beautiful as ya are, ya hafta know how it feels to be worshiped.”

Yves shook her head slowly as she swung one leg over to straddle him. “I’m usually the one doing the worshipping.”

He pushed her hair out of her face. “Well, that’s just a sin.” 

She rolled her hips, sliding the humid heat of her pussy along the underside of his cock. The desperate ache to simply grab her hips, lift her and plunge inside was nearly agonizing. With what little bit of common sense, he had left, Julian reached above his head into the nightstand drawer to retrieve another condom. She took it from him and this time, he watched her tear the wrapper and clenched his teeth as her small, but deft hands rolled it down his length. Yves held him steady, and he grabbed her by the waist and pushed into her, forcing a soft grunt from her lips. He rolled his hips under hers.

“No,” she said then took his hands, laced her fingers between his and pinned them over his head. “Don’t move, okay? I just want to hold you like this for a minute. Feel you inside of me.”

Julian nodded. She leaned down to kiss him and his skin erupted in gooseflesh as her wet heat shifted and clenched around him. The kiss was slow and deep, and while she sucked at his lips, her sex flexed around him rhythmically.

“Shit…what are ya doing? Ya not play fair.” He felt the smile on her lips.

“It’s involuntary. You just feel so good.” Her breath came soft and quick.

When she finally began to move, she loosed his hands. He traced the line of her spine with his fingertips. She shivered at his touch. The first time was hard and urgent, but now she was slow and deliberate. Her silken heat swallowed him so slowly that it took everything in him to keep from bucking under her.

“Sweet boy,” she murmured. “You’re highly corruptible.”

As he succumbed to yet another shattering orgasm, he had to remind himself…don’t go falling in love.