Excerpt from Having It Both Ways, The Lust Diaries: Book Three

I think I share this excerpt every Christmas. I need to write more christmas-y things. Anyway, here’s a bit of Julian and Yves from having it both ways. It’s a Christmas scene. There’s a particularly blasphemous “blog” entry from Yves before this chapter but I decided to keep it cute. I hope this tides you […]

3 Ways to Make Your Unlikable Character More Likable

The dreaded unlikable character. When Yves Santiago, my main character from The Lust Diaries, first came to me, I knew she would be what folks like to call “an unlikable character.” I crafted her that way intentionally. Why would I want my main character to come across as unlikable in a book written completely from […]

#WineWithWriters is coming to ATL!

Hello, dear readers and Happy Saturday!Just popping in to tell you about an event that I will be participating in this March called #WinewithWriters! Hosted by Jacinta Howard and Nia Forrester, this event will be a lively discussion around Identity & Individuality: The Movement Toward Issue-Based Black Women’s Fiction. I really excited for this event and […]