It’s 2019 and I’m a Self-published Author…Why do Word Counts Still Matter? #tiptuesday

With the popularity of the e-reader and commonality of self-publishing, word counts seem to have lost their importance. A lot of authors let the story determine the word count and readers seem willing to read books no matter the length. The only ones who seem terribly concerned with them are publishers because it helps them […]

Making Your Characters Feel Feelings: Anger #writerwednesday

“When angry count to four; when very angry, swear.” –Mark Twain Wrath, ire, madness, vexation, irritation, frustration, enraged; all of these words are synonyms for anger, but somehow, this emotion is almost always written using flat, cliched language. Anger is one of the more multilayered emotions, comprised of meta-emotions that have numerous triggers, create various […]

Whose Story Is It Anyway? #writerwednesday

This week, I want to take a bit of a break from the characterization conversation we have been having to talk about point of view (POV).  This tip is often glossed over, but I think it’s an important decision that needs to be made when you approach the page—preferably before you start writing. In The […]