Are you a romance author looking for an editor?

I’m a freelance editor!

*all services require 30% down to hold your slot.

STRUCTURAL EDITING | 3 pass editing package | $799

Because the only thing worse than clumsy wording and repetition are clumsy wording and repetition. (Point made.)

Meet the detail-oriented edit that :

  • Improves clarity and flow
  • Eliminates words that hang up a reader
  • Cleans up convoluted sentences.
  • Facts are checked and corrected
  • Sections are (sometimes) rearranged, and subheads & chapters are subject to shakeups. *As a bonus, proofreading is included after you’ve wrapped up your rewrites.

The turn around on a structural edit is 4 to 6 weeks depending on what the project needs.

COPYEDITING | 2 pass editing package | $499

Getting back to the basics, copyediting finds and corrects any

  • rogue grammar,
  • spelling,
  • punctuation,
  • capitalization,
  • syntax errors, and if requested
  • cultural sensitivity. *Unfortunately, this doesn’t include a post-rewrite proofread.

Turnaround is 10-14 business days with a required sample edit of 10 pages.


Authors are often too close to their work to see glaring plot holes or recognize that their main character is too stupid to live. This is a good time for a full, detailed critique. While this is not an edit, you will receive:

  • detailed notes on overall readability, including notes on tropes and genre expectations.
  • In-depth character dissection using archetypes and GMC (goal, motivation, conflict), dialogue, and if requested, cultural sensitivity.
  • Three-act plot structure to make sure your story begins at the right point in your timeline, doesn’t sag in the middle, or fail to reach a satisfying ending.

Turnaround is 7-14 business days depending on length.


#50for50 offers all of the same things that you get with a full detailed critique, but it’s focuses on what some believe to be the most important part of the book–the first 50 pages. This critique will make sure that you:

  • write an amazing opening line and first page.
  • introduce your main character
  •  establish your story world
  •  set up the plot’s conflict.

DISCLAIMER: During our author/editor partnership, I fully expect you to curtsy upon receipt of my emails. (Kidding. I’m kidding.) If at any time in the process you decide that our styles aren’t totally compatible we can talk it out, decide whether we should move forward in a new direction or part ways. Deal?

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