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Freelance editing services for romance and erotica authors

COPYEDITING | 2 pass editing package | $499 for novels 50k-100k | $299 for novellas 15k-49k

The two pass copy edit gets back to the basics. With this service, I will find and correct

  • grammar and spelling
  • punctuation
  • capitalization
  • continuity issues
  • syntax errors
  • cultural sensitivity (by request)

Turnaround is 10-14 business days with a required sample edit of 5 pages.

FULL DETAILED CRITIQUE | $299 for novels 50k+ | $199 for novellas 15k to 49k

Authors are often too close to their work to see glaring plot holes or recognize that their main character is too stupid to live. This is a good time for a full, detailed critique. While this is not an edit, you will receive:

  • detailed notes on overall readability, including notes on tropes and genre expectations
  • In-depth character dissection using archetypes and GMC (goal, motivation, conflict), dialogue, and if requested, cultural sensitivity
  • Three-act plot structure to make sure your story begins at the right point in your timeline, doesn’t sag in the middle, or fail to reach a satisfying ending

Turnaround is 7-14 business days depending on length with a required sample of your first 5 pages.

PROOFREADING | $9.00 per 1500 words

You’ve paid your editor, you beta readers have read it and loved it, but are you ready to hit publish? Maybe you need one last set of eyes on your project to clean up:

• Spelling

• Typos

• Grammatical errors

What you need is a proofread!

THIS IS NOT AN EDIT. You will only receive track changes. No inline comments or written critique. Turn around is 7-14 business days.

DISCLAIMER: During our author/editor partnership, I fully expect you to curtsy upon receipt of my emails. (Kidding. I’m kidding.) If at any time in the process you decide that our styles aren’t totally compatible we can talk it out, decide whether we should move forward in a new direction or part ways. Deal?

Ready to book, or need answers to your burning questions? Drop me a line!

Cancellation and Refund Policy

A 30% deposit is required in order to book my services. This is NONREFUNDABLE, however, you may reschedule your service twice before you forfeit your deposit.

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