Write Daily Journal

The Write Daily Journal

One of the most important things you can do to hack your writing process is to journal every day.

This is not Julia Cameron’s morning pages (that form of journaling is invaluable, too). This is a way to check in and journal about your writing in a specific and detailed way to keep you focused and productive.

Each page will help you zero in on what you need to write—be it a scene or chapter in your novel—who needs to be in that scene or chapter, and how well that day of writing went!

I created The Daily Writing Journal out of necessity. While planners and notebooks help me set goals and plan, I needed a journal dedicated to tracking and improving my craft specifically so that I could uncover my process.

With The Daily Writing Journal you will be able to track:

  • Title of your project
  • Date
  • Word count
  • Scene and chapter development
  • Character development
  • And your mindset at each stage of the process.


Keeping a journal has helped me pinpoint those times in my writing process where I feel lost, frustrated, or blocked. And you know what? It happens at the same time, the same word count, the same damn page number. Knowing those patterns has helped me find ways around these limiting ideas and get back to writing.

Are you ready to hone your process and find a way to quit stalling and get shit done?


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