It’s 2019 and I’m a Self-published Author…Why do Word Counts Still Matter? #tiptuesday

With the popularity of the e-reader and commonality of self-publishing, word counts seem to have lost their importance. A lot of authors let the story determine the word count and readers seem willing to read books no matter the length. The only ones who seem terribly concerned with them are publishers because it helps them […]

9 Ways to Write Characters Readers Will Love #amwriting #writerwednesday

Hey word-makers! I’m back after a little blogging break and ready to ring in the New Year real proper like. I hope that your holidays were happy and if they weren’t happy, at least they’re over, right? Right. So let’s dive back into my favorite writing topic: CHARACTERS. I swear I’m gonna get off of […]

4 Basic Story Building Blocks: Stories About Ideas #WriterWednesday

Last week we talked about place and the types of characters that play well in that sort of story. Today we’re going to talk about a story built around an idea. The foundation of an “idea” story is pretty simple. A problem is presented at the beginning, the main character or characters devise a plan […]