The Lust Diaries: Free Filth

Hello and welcome! This is the place to read free filthy stories set in The Lust Diaries world.

Be warned, if you have not The Lust Diaries Series Books One through Three, there may be a few spoilers.

Also…as the title of this page clearly states, these stories are filthy. They include a ton of sex, threesomes, FOURSOMES, just general sexiness. I mean, did you expect anything less from this crew of freaks?

Now, this goes without saying, DON’T add these free stories to Goodreads or  Wattpad any other site. I’m so serious right now. Don’t even try it because I WILL FIND OUT. These stories are a gift to you all and I will remove them if I find them elsewhere.

At some point, these stories may be compiled into an anthology. I will notify all of you via newsletter and let you know where to find them!

Feel free to explore!

Happy Reading!

What Kind of Man

Yves’s book, The Lust Diaries, has just been re-released in paperback, and she is on the last leg of an abbreviated book tour and is feeling a bit burnt from all of the traveling. Elijah decided to join her on her trip to make it more pleasurable—a pleasure quotient that is significantly increased when Julian Webster shows up at the bookstore with a bouquet of lilies and big smile for Yves.

It’s been a little over a year since they’ve seen each other and Yves wants to make up for lost time, but has Julian’s heart healed enough for them to be friends?

A Kiss and a Blow (Coming Soon…)

Switch–someone who is both a top and a bottom; both a Dominant and submissive. 

Yves is beginning to understand and own her place in the kink world and exploring her dominance is part of it. But is  Elijah ready to be with a woman who can be just as dominant as she is submissive in the bedroom?